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Nature Forest Tourism emerges as a need to get away from the city, where you can relax close to nature, surrounded by stone pines, cork oaks, eucalyptus trees, pastures, dams and trails to explore.

You can experience the animals' natural habitat, in a place in the heart of Portugal, in the real Ribatejo.

We are committed to quality, it will not be easy to leave our comfortable beds with freshly stretched sheets.

We bet on the decoration, which is modern and rustic at the same time, giving a special refinement to a country house.

You can harvest spices from our mini-garden for meals, visit the cows and rest looking at the views of the meadows and the pool next to your house. You can choose to walk, run, swim, bike, have picnics at the dam or simply relax and fill yourself with the good energies, peace and rest that our tourism will provide you.

Here time goes as fast as you want.

Our goal is to feel at home, but surrounded by nature and the animals that live in it. Here you can disconnect from work, breathe fresh air and completely forget the stress of everyday life. Open the windows and feel the calm and tranquility of our tourism.

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